I'm Una, an enby dragon Java developer who makes Minecraft mods

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I'm Una, an enby dragon that does things. Too many things, in fact!

The main thing I do is make mods for a little game called Minecraft (you may have heard of it), on the server and client side. I started out doing server-side Bukkit mods around 2010, even going as far as to privately fork Spigot myself in 2012, and started making private Forge mods around 2014. I even went to Minecon 2011. Never again.

I entered the public modding space around 2015, and founded a team of modders known as Elytra. Some of the mods I maintain are Correlated, Fruit Phone, BlockRenderer, and Glass Hearts. I also used to maintain Backlytra, Lanthanoid, PowerWolves, and Farrago. They're still available, but I no longer work on them.

I'm a bit obsessive about balance and graphics, so you can expect my mods to be internally consistent and have nice textures/UI.

I'm also working on a Curse alternative known as Modistry - due to work, I haven't been able to work on it lately, unfortunately.

Once upon a time I ran Minecraft servers, and promised a revamp that still hasn't happened. I still intend to get those servers up and running but boy has it been a long time. You can see the ruins of that plan on the SurgePlay forum.

An even longer time ago I made ridiculous garbage on Roblox, which is how I learned to program and is why I have such an aversion to Lua nowadays.

I also run a little web service known as Visage, a 3D Minecraft avatar rendering service. It's backed by GPUs which has caused me more trouble than it's worth, honestly.

In the near future I plan to start making videos on YouTube, though I still need to decide if doing so is worth wrestling with Windows to use the Adobe suite. Kdenlive is a bit of a mess and my driver on Linux is too slow anyway to run a game at 4K and record at the same time.

I technically have a blog that I rarely use due to lack of time.

You can reach me at <una@unascribed.com> if you have questions about my mods, this page, or just want to chat. A more realtime alternative is #unascribed on EsperNet, which is also where the Elytra team hangs out.

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