Liberapay was launched 2 years ago and has 6600 users.

€80,904.42 and $12,626.98 is escrowed within Liberapay.

The last payday was 2 days ago and transferred €2,055.37 and $592.03 between 1668 users.
1385 participants gave money.
415 mottog pengar.
132 did both.

On average, people who donate give €0.77 each to 3 other users.

Öppna konton

Number of open individual and organization accounts on Liberapay


Aktiva användare

Users that gave and/or received money within Liberapay (per week)


Veckovisa gåvor (€)

Money transferred within Liberapay (per week)


Insättningar (€)

Money moved into Liberapay


Uttag (€)

Money moved out of Liberapay

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