abdullah tarawneh

abdullah tarawneh is trying to survive capitalism.

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1) synopsis:

i wanna create cool things and remove the giant thundercloud of capitalism from above my head. currently recovering from various financial and mental health crises and i would appreciate even just a few dollars to help fund my more creative endeavors.

2) what i've done / am doing:

2.1) libre culture and digital commons

i've volunteered time and some code to open-source projects like OBS, mastodon, pixelfed, and plume, whenever possible. i'd like to do more of that, and maybe build a few things of my own for the digital commons.

notably, i reorganized and rewrote the mastodon docs

i also contribute design and management time as a team member of pixelfed

2.2) information architecture and consultancy

currently WIP abdullahtarawneh.com

2.3) photography and artistic expression


i've previously done some concert photography and in my opinion i think the photos are pretty rad. i'd like to do more photography and maybe afford something better than a years-old used pocket camera that i bought for a couple hundred bucks... one day. and going to concerts isn't cheap.


i've done retro game streaming on twitch and would like to do more of that maybe, but my current desk is not very good for this

3) what i would use any money for:

any donations received will be used for food and transportation primarily, and some therapy. beyond that, i'd like to fund my otherwise-unpaid volunteering and creative projects.

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CSS tweaks and custom themes for Mastodon.

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