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I'm an Engineer and an Artist.

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I'm an Engineer and an Artist. While searching for ways to engineer anything but social/ecological regression, I make art mostly through my games.

I feel like it's one of the most interesting forms of art. I'm also a strong advocate for Free Libre and Open Source tools and I create, contribute, maintain and support some myself. On top of that I'm also a content creator. I make regular videos on the topics I work on and I often livestream some of my work.

More info

My name is Tim Krief (he/him/they/them) I'm a 25 years old IndieDev from France! I graduated as an engineer in late 2019. I was offered to work in big tech companies but it was obvious that I would not be able to work there for ethical reasons so I decided to try and become independent. I hope this will be sustainable one day and that I will be able to apply my skills for useful purposes, especially for social and ecological progress. I have little to no resources yet so I'm focusing on indie game development, but I hope I can work on more ambitious projects in the future. I started making actual video games in 2012 as a hobby.

Apart from some social networks and communication platforms, all the tools I use are Free/Libre and Open Source. It's important for me for multiple reasons and I hope I'll be able to inspire some to give those awesome tools a chance, use them instead of proprietary ones, and contribute/support them. I work on some Free/Libre and Open Source Tools myself. Some of them are released and maintained by a non-profit I co-founded, AUPYA.

Check my links or my F.A.Q. to know more about me.

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Framerate Advance Notice System 0 Uppdaterad för 1 år sedan

The Frame-rate Advance Notice System lets you know the available frame-rate options on a Youtube video by hovering its thumbnail.

SitCoin 1 Uppdaterad för 2 år sedan

A personal currency to balance the time you spend moving and the time you spend sitting.

Random Audio Stream Player Nodes for Godot Engine 11 Uppdaterad för 2 år sedan

Custom Audio Stream Player nodes for Godot Engine that will play randomly a stream from an array of streams with the possibility to choose the random strategy and to randomize the volume and the pitch.

Slick BeepBox Theme 2 Uppdaterad för 3 år sedan

One-file custom CSS theme by Tim Krief to be applied to John Nesky's amazing tool, BeepBox.co


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