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packaging-utils 3 Uppdaterad för 4 månader sedan

A bunch of scripts I use for keeping track of packages I maintain

Taranis-NG (fork) 1 Uppdaterad för 2 veckor sedan

Taranis NG is an OSINT gathering and analysis tool for CSIRT teams and organisations. It allows team-to-team collaboration, and contains a user portal for simple self asset management. Taranis NG was developed by SK-CERT with a help from wide CSIRT community.

intelmq (fork) 0 Uppdaterad för 4 veckor sedan

IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams for collecting and processing security feeds using a message queuing protocol.

Reference-Security-Incident-Taxonomy-Task-Force (fork) 0 Uppdaterad för 8 månader sedan

The aim of this task force is to enable the CSIRT community in reaching a consensus on a reference taxonomy.


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