Ruben De Smet

Free software contributor, mainly Whisperfish and PETs in general

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Free software contributor, drinking the occasional coffee, and possibly looking at a new laptop.


I am in the process of rewriting and modernizing Whisperfish, a Signal client for SailfishOS. Money put towards me for Whisperfish will be put against coffee, and a new laptop. This used to read "a Gitlab Premium subscription", but they now offer it for free to free software projects like us!

If you consider donating to me because of Whisperfish, consider matching your donation to the Signal foundation. They definitely need it more than I do! Also consider donating to Weblate, because they provide their translation hosting service to us at no cost! Weblate also received donations on Liberapay.

Rust Belgium

I am the organiser of the Rust Belgium meetup group. Hosting a group on Meetup costs quite some money; your Liberapay contribution would go in part there.

About me

I contribute to several free software projects when I see a bug. In my daily life, I work as a researcher at the VUB. My research is about building secure peer-to-peer technology, of which my pet-project is Glycos. Glycos also has a Liberapay Community.

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reflink support for Python

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CLI tools for interacting with zigbee2mqtt


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