I need groceries I cant buy with food stamps!!!

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Tech tech and more tech!!! I love tech so much I spend alot of time playing around with linux, bsd, raspberry pis and the like. I love tech period, but tech is expensive. For now this will be used purely for essentials like toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. My living costs are covered for low income reasons. Rent is 30% of gross so its $0 atm. Utility, for energy i get a check since unemployed, Water is free. For food I have foodstamps.

I can't buy anything atm as I have no money, but anything is appreciated.

HMU on XMPP for any questions you may have: xmpp:<oneechanhax@marxist.club> Also on Mastedon+ActivityPub: @<oneechanhax@akko.disqordia.space>

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