Activities to expand the possibilities of Fediverse

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I am engaged in activities that contribute to the development of Fediverse through technology development and service management.

Currently, we are mainly engaged in the following activities.

  • Contribution to Mastodon's development
  • Development and proposal of Mastodon fork (Fedibird: fedibird/mastodon) incorporating unique functions
  • Service provided by Fedibird
  • ActivityPub relay server development and service provision

We use our own income for these activities, but there are limitations due to limited budgets.
In addition, changes in economic conditions may make it impossible to continue activities.

If we can get additional funding, it will be more sustainable and active.

I accept the support of those who consider my activities and achievements worth investing.

The supporter can only receive the indirect benefits of public activities that I make my own decision.
There is no explicit return on support and the activity is not guaranteed, so make a careful decision.

If you expect certain results, ask for a job.

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pub-relay 31 Uppdaterad för 1 år sedan

A service-type ActivityPub actor that will re-broadcast anything sent to it to anyone who subscribes to it.

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