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I created Sugarizer, a free/libre educational platform. Help me to make it accessible to more users.

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After years of participating to the One Laptop Per Child initiative, I created Sugarizer, a free/libre educational platform. I continue to develop it in my spare time. Sugarizer is a free/libre platform and will stay free of charge for all users.

Your sponsorship will help me 🙏 to improve Sugarizer user experience and make it accessible to more users:

  • Cover hosting costs for the web site and the demo server
  • Cover running costs for the Kubernetes infrastructure to provide free web hosting to schools 🏫
  • Buy devices 📲 to improve Sugarizer responsiveness
  • Cover marketing cost to boost Sugarizer outreach

Your sponsorship is mostly a nice way to get in touch by thanking me ❤️, don't hesitate!

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sugarizer 149 Updaterad denna vecka

Sugarizer is a web implementation of the Sugar platform to run on any device or browser

sugarizer-server 32 Uppdaterad för 2 veckor sedan

Sugarizer Server allow deployment of Sugarizer on a local server, for example on a school server.

sugarizer-doc 3 Uppdaterad för 8 månader sedan

Source code for Sugarizer web site


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