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A tiny mouse, a hacker.

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Hi, my name is Gergely Nagy, but online, I'm known as "algernon" (preferably in all lower-case).

I've been developing and contributing to free software for almost two decades now. I'm an ex-Debian developer, maintained a number of packages, wrote some others, volunteered as application manager and FTP-master assistant in the past, but I have recently joined the illustrious group of Debian Emeritus Developers by resigning.

Not so long ago, I started working with mechanical keyboards, and ErgoDox EZ at first, Keyboardio Model 01 later, contributing to the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard and to Dygma's keyboards in the process. Of these, I work primarily on Kaleidoscope, the firmware which powers - along with its plugins - the Model01 and Dygma's keyboards in the future. A lot of its plugins are my work, and I have my fingerprints all over it too.

I started the Chrysalis project, a cross-platform GUI to configure, manage, and otherwise work with Kaleidoscope-powered keyboards.

As of this writing, I am working part-time for Keyboardio, but there are always keyboards to port Kaleidoscope to.

If you're interested in seeing Kaleidoscope ported to any kind of hardware, and shipping me one is not an option, you can contribute to my weekly goal here. With this goal, I should be able to buy one board a month, and port Kaleidoscope to it, along with Chrysalis.

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keyboardio-worklog 3 Uppdaterad för 1 vecka sedan

My work log for @keyboardio

Model01-sketch 18 Uppdaterad för 2 veckor sedan

algernon's firmware Sketch for the Model 01 [mirror]

Atreus-Sketch 0 Uppdaterad för 1 år sedan

algernon's firmware Sketch for the Atreus [mirror]

ergodox-layout 124 Uppdaterad för 1 år sedan

algernon's ErgoDox EZ layout



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