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I'm the founder of A-wai Amplification, and a DIY enthusiast, particularly when it comes to tube electronics. Even though the company no longer exists, I still develop and publish tube projects for guitar and bass guitar, such as the Fat Bastard preamplifier and its DC/DC converter module.

I'm also a major contributor to the Projet G5 website, and when I have enough free time, I publish articles about tube electronics on my blog (French only, as there are already tons of resources for English-speaking people).

Last but not least, being a software engineer, I contribute as much as possible to various free software projects, such as calamares or debos, and I recently initated a project to bring Debian on the PinePhone.

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fat_bastard 3 Uppdaterad för 3 år sedan

2-channels hybrid bass guitar preamplifier designed for highly saturated sound

ampfactory 39 Uppdaterad för 3 år sedan

A collection of tube amplifier schematics for guitar and bass

boost_psu 1 Uppdaterad för 4 år sedan

Simple DC boost power supply designed for tube preamplifiers

amp_power_supply 0 Uppdaterad för 4 år sedan

A generic power supply PCB for tube amplifiers

kicad-libs 1 Uppdaterad för 6 år sedan

A set of Kicad libraries useful for working on tube amplifiers & DIY audio projects

nanoTracer 4 Uppdaterad för 6 år sedan

A basic DIY curve tracer for electron tubes


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