Haiku developer & 8-bit demoscener & electronics tinkerer

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Contributor to the Haiku operating system since 2009. Currently maintaining the web browser as well as some other things (as free time allows). Also taking care of some applications for the OS, on and off.

Making demos on 8bit platforms (mostly Amstrad CPC and Thomson MO5, TO8 - but I have plans for more), and making tools to ease the process: GrafX2 pixelart editor, port of ACE CPC Emulator to Haiku, cpcsdk toolchain, and various small tools as the need arises.

Connecting old computers to the modern world with FlashGordon (Flash ROM system for Amstrad CPC), Albireo (USB/SD card for Amstrad CPC), and more things cooking.

Developers of a music tracker for the bitbox console, as well as some unfinished games and experiments.

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grafx2 8 Updaterad för 3 veckor sedan

Mirror of GrafX2. Official repo is on gitlab.

znax 1 Updaterad för 3 månader sedan

Znax game for Amstrad CPC

neonlights 6 Updaterad för 1 år sedan

Screensaver for Haiku

bitbox-chiptracker 6 Updaterad för 1 år sedan

LFT's "Hardware Chiptune" tracker for Bitbox version

Sawteeth 10 Updaterad för 1 år sedan

A sound synthetizer, tracker and replayer, similar to AHX.

avrstuff 1 Updaterad för 2 år sedan

Hacks and stuff around AVR microcontrollers and electronics


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Un système d'exploitation pour l'informatique personelle

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