The developer of FreeTube - The YouTube client built for privacy

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FreeTube is an Open Source desktop client that allows you to watch YouTube in a more private manner than usual. Prevent YouTube from tracking your viewing habits along with other features, including:

  • Watch videos without ads
  • Use YouTube without Google tracking you using cookies and JavaScript
  • Make API calls through the Tor network
  • Subscribe to channels without an account
  • Local subscriptions, history, and saved videos
  • Export & import subscriptions
  • Open videos from your browser directly into FreeTube (with extension)
  • Mini Player
  • Light / dark theme

Why am I asking for donations?

In an effort to be transparent, I want to make it very clear that donations are not necessary in any way with FreeTube. I make FreeTube in my own spare time and have no need to make money off of the project. I have set up this donation platform as it was requested by a few generous users of FreeTube. Progress speed will not increase or decrease because of donations. Only donate if you really want to. I really appreciate any and everyone that has taken the time to send a donation.

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FreeTube - The YouTube client built for privacy

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