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Heyo you may call me Minty! I'm a Canadian 2d/3d Artist with a passion for creation. I have many ideas and roads I could go down (it's quite overwhelming), but currently my focus is on Game Development. However I have interest/have played around with; voice acting, singing, web design, software development, app development, stationery designing, icon creation, organization help, mental health support.

Mental health is always a priority

I have GAD, Chronic Depression, Excoriation disorder, and was recently diagnosed with Autism! and overall have spent a lot of time in therapy to the point where I could be a therapist if I wanted too haha. I feel it's important for mental health and disability talk to be more normal and that's why I am very straight forward with what I deal with on a daily basis. It has crazily affected my life and makes it stupid hard, my hope is that when my life is more together I can produce free aids to help others (I love organizing and creating helpful tools, just super suck at learning things...especially coding =3=)

So because of my laundry list, working and staying focused is really hard. I can't produce consistently or create extra exclusive, I can barely get up out of bed. I will to the best of my ability put myself first.

Why Liberapay?

The internet has created opportunity a bound for artists, but at a cost of everything else. I have seen way too many artist buckled under the expectations of Patreon, Youtube, Twitter, or Twitch, because of how those platforms work. It's all about quantity over quality and constant consistency. Any stray from it could lead to someones income disappearing or stagnating. It's extremely toxic and an unhealthy life style. LiberaPay does not have tiers, or exclusive content, under the assumption that the things the individual/team do is ENOUGH to warrant support. Producing free things isn't cheap, and to be expected to do MORE to earn a living is insulting, when the money could be put towards making the already free content/resources even better....which benefits everyone.

If I want to sell things, I will.

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