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I travel around the world with my bicycle

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my name is Adorjan Illes and I have been traveling around the World since Jun of 2015. I started to travel from my country Hungary and I turned the bicycle wheels first towards Asia.

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After cycling throught Asia in 1.5 years, which is an interesting, magical continent, I flew from Bali - Indonesia to Australia. I traveled there from Perth to Sydney, then I spend 50 days cycling in New Zealand. Then I went to Fiji Islands which is a country of happy people. From Fiji I flew to Japan where I could experience the humbleness of the Japanese people the beauty of the Japanese girls and the magic of the Japanese park. I got impressed by the Japanese culture too. Then I went to Hawaii and from Oahu I flew to Portland Oregon. From there, on the West Coast of the State I cycled to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and then I entered to Mexico through Baja California. Then I cycled through the entire Central America and went to Colombia which became my new favorite country. The kindness and openness of the people there is just the next next level .

I am at the southest part of Colombia now, in Pasto, from here I go towards Ecuador and Peru.

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If I got blessed enough and get donations I will be able to visit Maccu Picchu before I fly back to Europe (probably to Lisboa) and cycling back home to my country Hungary.

This is the most meaningful thing what I have ever done in my life. Thank you for reading my story :)

Adorjan Illes Expedition: Around the World by bicycle

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