Producing audio-visual materials on climate change, degrowth and system change

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Fairytales of Growth began in 2018 when Pierre was thinking of what do to as a final master project that would be distinct from a written thesis and have the potential to reach out to many. An educator by trade, this was his first feature-length documentary which he produced over the course of 18 months with the professional help of music producers and animators - all of whom worked completely voluntarily.

We would like to continue what Fairytales of Growth has started - producing more audio-visual content that looks at the root causes of the present socio-environmental crisis and offers alternatives to it.

We are currently planning two new projects:

1. A series of short and accessible videos covering key topics aimed at galvanizing calls for system change

2. A  film on the origins of Fridays for Future Barcelona and how it has affected the region's stance towards climate change

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