Food Not Bombs Japan is a Non-Hierarchical Anarchist Collective

FNB_Japans mål är att motta 1 000 JPY per vecka.

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We are a small group of dedicated activists who seek to construct revolutionary infrastructure and networks of mutual aid within Tokyo & Yokosuka.

Our actions include:

  • Unconditionally and publicly sharing free meals;

  • Literature tables to share information on justice, activism, and resistance;

  • Sharing gender-affirming clothing with trans individuals;

  • Unconditional sharing of other important materials (eg. clothing, medication);

  • Supporting, catering for, and participating in local political events that align with our principles.

  • Organizing fun creative actions for everyone.

With a small amount of financial support from you, we can be more effective in subverting the capitalist and patriarchal hellhole that we live in. We will actively update y'all on how we spend money donated here via social media.

Thanks, please pay us if you have money to spare!


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