CanAirIO, Citizen network for monitoring air quality

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canairio_sensorlib 24 Uppdaterad för 2 veckor sedan

Particle sensor manager for multiple sensors: Honeywell, Plantower, Panasonic, Sensirion, etc. This is sensors layer of CanAirIO project too.

canairio_android 11 Uppdaterad för 3 veckor sedan

Android app of CanAirIO project. This is configuration manager, geo-location tagging and front end of CanAirIO firmware via Bluetooth LE.

canairio_firmware 78 Uppdaterad för 1 månad sedan

CanAirIO is a citizen science initiative. We are developing a mobile application that is able to set a PM2.5 or CO2 sensors, and other related sensors, as a fixed station using WiFi or mobile station with an smartphone by using a Bluetooth connection.

docs (fork) 2 Uppdaterad för 1 månad sedan

CanAirIO citizen science initiative. This the official documentation. Please we need help, consider make a contribution. This project is a Jekyll-based theme.


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