FOSS developer, activist on netzpolitik and decentralization, coordinator, queer

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Hello, I'm Bram, a FOSS developer, activist and coordinator since 10 years, my main subject of activity has mostly resolved around a neutral, privacy focused and decentralized Internet by doing lobbying, programming, promotion and coordination.

My current main activity is working on YunoHost, a linux distribution aimed as making managing your own server, and thus self-hosting, accessible to the more people possible or said in another way: building the desktop interface of the server.

Here is a short summary of my recent and past activities:

  • core developer, co-organizer and promoter of YunoHost
  • co-launching the Internet Cube/la Brique Internet
  • co-launching and holding for 6 years Neutrinet, a associative local ISPin Belgium member of FFDN where the Internet Cube has been conceived (with LDN and YunoHost devs)
  • writting Baron and RedBaron, a pretty advanced piece of technology to be able to write custom refactoring for python code
  • co-organizing the internet decentralization devroom at FOSDEM twice (did the same thing the previous years for the Python devroom)
  • volunteering for la Quadrature du Net for 4 years where I've worked a lot on the political memory
  • making hackeragenda.be, an agenda that automatically gathers events that could interest Belgian hackers
  • co-launch UrLab, a student hackerspace in the ULB
  • be in the organization of the Brussels RMLL in 2013
  • did a big amount of workshops, talks, radio, event co-organization and media production

A way more detailed extend (thus not really up to date) of my activities can be found here https://worlddomination.be/about/

Finally, this is generally not regarded as value productive in our capitalism society but I spend a lot of time caring and providing emotional support for people around me.

My goal is to continue doing those things while avoiding spending too much time selling my time to capitalism.

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Yunohost est une distribution dont le but est de rendre l'auto-hébergement accessible à tous !

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