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I am a resource for many people when it comes to their exploration of the ketogenic and related diets, including carnivory and fasting.

All my life, I dr(a|i)nk too much, been an ice cream addict, and have had poor portion control. Tried to get healthy at age 40 (ca. year 2000) by playing in a men’s basketball league; broke my ankle in 3 places (have 3 plates and 10 screws in my right ankle), set me back about 10 years.

Had my second mid-life crisis in April 2009 and signed up for a 10-mile race five months away in July 2009. Knew I had to keep up the running to stay alive, so had a goal of running in about four half-marathons per year. For the first couple of years, was running half-marathons at 210 lbs, using the standard carbo-loading method for racing. (Wore 38”-waist pants.)

In May 2012, I learned about “very low carb” from Steve Gibson on the Security Now podcast; it’s been a fun low-carb bio-hack science project ever since. I lost 30 pounds in 18 weeks--thanks, Steve!

In 2016, I learned about fasting primarily through Dr. Jason Fung. I lost another 5 or 10 pounds reducing my calorie intake, and even performing two 4-day fasts.

In last 2017, I discovered carnivory, primarily through Dr. Shawn Baker, but was also re-introduced to the work of L. Amber O'Hearn whose path I crossed years ago but that I was quite ready for carnivory at the time. Carnivore is still a work in progress for me, but I quickly lost several more pounds, and I really like the simplicity of it. I think it helps eliminate some of the foods that cause minor annoying irritations in the body the causes of which are unknown.

I'm currently, April 2017, about 160lbs, with 13% body fat and about 30% muscle mass per my Omrom full-body scale.

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