I maintain several open source projects primarily surrounding the Minecraft community.

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Hi! I'm obw and I maintain several pieces of open source software, primarily Minecraft-related.

  • SKCraft/Launcher, a whiteboxable Minecraft Java Edition launcher platform, often used by modded Minecraft servers
  • Frame, a plugin framework originally designed for Spigot/Bukkit but adaptable to any Java-based project.

While I'm happy to continue maintaining these projects, they do take up some of my time, and as such I am now accepting donations to help fund more development time. Anything you can chip in is appreciated.

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Frame 9 Uppdaterad för 5 månader sedan

A plugin framework for Spigot and Bukkit.

Launcher (fork) 4 Uppdaterad för 2 år sedan

A custom Minecraft launcher for installing modpacks


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