I struggle drawing things for free.

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On the side I also mess with code, music, and other little things that I can sadly not afford to spend much time on currently.
Please consider donating if you appreciate my work and want to see more of it, more consistently!

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umamusu-translate 35 Updaterad denna vecka

A toolset (+patch) for translating Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

browser-scripts 1 Uppdaterad för 1 år sedan

A collection of random browser-based scripts & tools, largely userscripts. Can be old and/or broken!

veera 34 Uppdaterad för 2 år sedan

A Granblue companion similar to Ancheera. Near fully passive and unlikely to get you in trouble.

umacruise-english-patch (fork) 4 Uppdaterad för 1 vecka sedan

Translate UmaUmaCruise to English (+ data fixes)

umamusume-db-translate (fork) 4 Uppdaterad för 1 vecka sedan

Translate Umamusume by patching master.mdb


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