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Hello, My name is Mike, otherwise known as m8r0wn. I am a penetration tester by day and Open Source developer by night. Much of my spare time is spent creating Open Source tools and resources relating to offensive security. If you've enjoyed my work, or like what I'm doing, consider buying me a cup of coffee (or Monster) to help keep it going and create more content! Thank you, m8r0wn

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ActiveReign 62 Updaterad denna vecka

A Network Enumeration and Attack Toolset

subscraper 128 Uppdaterad för 1 vecka sedan

External pentest and bug bounty tool to perform subdomain enumeration through various techniques. SubScraper will provide information such as HTTP & DNS lookups to aid in potential next steps.

nullinux 306 Uppdaterad för 2 veckor sedan

Internal penetration testing tool for Linux that can be used to enumerate OS information, domain information, shares, directories, and users through SMB.

enumdb 115 Uppdaterad för 2 månader sedan

MySQL and MSSQL brute force and post exploitation tool to search through databases and extract sensitive information.



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