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My name is Kat Miller, I am the artist and Co-writer of a comic called Isla Aukate. The story is about a group of unlucky outer-space aliens who crash landed on the only island chain in the world that was home to a society of sapient uplifted animals. Adventure, excitement and fun ensue as these two factions try to get along and eventually try to battle other forces that want to seize power of the small island nation.

The Comic itself is a bit of a unique endeavor all on it's own. A long-running Rough draft version of it updates daily, while the more refined and polished color version updates weekly. With your donations you contribute to me, the artist, being able to create more content for the comic, and hopefully be able to do more with it's polished Color version while still continuing the story.

I work as a full-time artist, drawing art for independent clients. This project is my one outlet to being able to do personal work so any an all support I can get is much appreciated.

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