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What is dimension.sh?

dimension.sh is a small public linux shell host (or pubnix system) that is open to anyone who wants to learn, experiment, and socialize with other like minded people. We offer a small collection of services, and hosting for web, gopher, and gemini sites.

Where will my donation be used?

Your donation will support the cost of running the dimension.sh servers, any excess donations will be re-distributed to other tilde projects on Liberapay to support the wider community.

What is your donation goal?

Our current goal is £2.00/week which will allow us to expand 's1' to the next size of VM at DigitalOcean, and give us to have more resources to play around with on the system.


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dimension.sh äger följande konton på andra platformar:


dimension-rpms 0 Uppdaterad för 3 månader sedan

A collection of RPMs created for deployment (mostly) on CentOS 8

mkuser 0 Uppdaterad för 3 månader sedan

A tool to assist with easy setup of new users in a publix/tilde environment.

tildejsongen 1 Uppdaterad för 3 månader sedan

Generates tilde.json files for standard Linux tilde/pubnix systems


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