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My name is Ram. I'm an activist, a dreamer, a photographer and an artist by heart. Growing up at the harsh and impoverish streets of Binondo Manila, I learned life the hard way. I understand that poverty and famine are seen in many places. Its either you get used to it or you do something about it....

I chose to do something about it.

Most days, I'm out taking candid photographs in B&W of the streets. Capturing moments where not all people see. Its a moment when you find yourself lucky despite your challenges in life.

I auction these photos in exhibits and all proceeds goes to our local volunteer community to feed these children on the street, provide medical aid to elders and keep teenagers off drugs. To be honest, the amount we ask is not enough... but it will never be enough to help our people. There will always be someone out there to help. But I guess the goal here is sustainable growth. Paying forward generation to generation.

Thank you for your time. Bless your kind heart.



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