Nathan Weaver

Storyteller across many mediums. Author, actor, filmmaker, comedian, lyricist, and Mr. Mom.

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I write crime, mystery, science fiction and sometimes I dabble in western tales. I'm currently working on a book series following a private detective named Mercedes Masterson. I'm editing the first book and hope I can get it released in a year tops.

If you make a pledge, you are helping me continue to write and publish stories. I give away a lot of freebie ebooks, and I'd like to keep it that way, because not everyone can afford to have a book budget. The more I can pull in through pledges, the more I can focus on writing time and putting stories out there for free and DRM free too.

I have a current goal of $100 per week. I'd like to hit that and continue to make new goals, until I can quit my part-time job and put all my energies into my writing (and being Mr. Mom, of course).

Free ebooks of mine can be found here:

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