The Amber Framework is a familiar web framework for Crystal

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Amber makes building web applications fast, simple, and enjoyable.

Amber provides the bare metal performance of the Crystal Language. It provides productivity and happiness through a powerful CLI and familiar design patterns seen in Kemal, Rails, Phoenix and other popular frameworks.

The Amber project has posted these weekly contribution bounties:

Donation Title Perk
$2+ / wk Community Member We will add your name and URL to our
$10+ / wk Friend of Amber We will add your name and URL to our
$35+ / wk Sponsor We will add a linked logo to the sponsors section of the website.

Visit Gitter to coordinate implementing perks associated with your support.


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amber 1756 Updaterad denna vecka

A Crystal web framework that makes building applications fast, simple, and enjoyable. Get started with quick prototyping, less bugs, and blazing fast performance.

granite 176 Updaterad denna vecka

ORM Model with Adapters for mysql, pg, sqlite in the Crystal Language.


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