#FOSS contributor et #DIY enthusiast. He/Him.

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FOSS contributor, trying to develop opensource alternatives. Mainly contributing to Kresus, a personal and selfhostable finance manager, at the moment.

Main developer of Flatisfy a tool to ease the painful process of looking for a new flat in French main cities. See my blogpost about it.

Trying to blog semi-regularly at, mostly sharing tips. :)

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Flatisfy 11 Updaterad för 1 månad sedan

Flatisfy is your new companion to ease your search of a new housing :)

VelibDataSet 1 Updaterad för 5 månader sedan

Fetching all the available data from the Velib API (1 minute resolution).

HungerGames 1 Updaterad för 1 år sedan

OpenFoodFacts gamification

OFFClassification 2 Updaterad för 2 år sedan

Proof of concept for automatic category guessing for OpenFoodFacts data.

Food 0 Updaterad för 2 år sedan

BMC 14 Updaterad för 3 år sedan

BMC (BiblioManagementClient) is a simple script to download and store your articles.

CitationExtractor 3 Updaterad för 3 år sedan

Web interface around libbmc and CERMINE.

VelibStats 1 Updaterad för 6 år sedan

Un petit script pour réaliser des stats d'utilisation de stations de vélib.



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